Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry, when you have lost one, a segment, or all of your teeth, provides the means to predictably return you to optimal oral health!

When Teeth Are Lost
Most people do not realize the devastating consequences of tooth loss.  When teeth are removed, the lack of tooth root stimulation results in continued bone loss over time! Bone first decreases in width and then in height, while it also loses density.  The pink soft tissue gums covering the bone also shrink and jaw muscle attachments become more prominent.   This leaves thinner tissue more prone to sore spots and ulceration when traditional tooth replacement methods are attempted.

Eventually, loss of large volumes of jaw bone can lead to a less attractive facial appearance, as the chin becomes more prominent, the folds of the face adjacent to the mouth deepen, the lips thin and facial muscles sag.

Turn Back the ClockDental Implants for me?

Yes, “turn back the clock” to a more youthful and enjoyable time with dental implant supported teeth!  Smile confidently and function naturally again.  Dental implants are root replacements that prevent loss of your jawbone and sustain your youthful appearance.  Implant support is connected to your replacement teeth. Optimal position supports lips, cheeks and other facial structures.  Implant supported teeth are securely fastened to your jaws for stability, natural function yielding comfort and confidence.  The results are a lifelong solution that will improve the quality of your life!

Multiple Teeth Replaced by Bicon Implant Crowns

For Single Tooth Replacement
A single tooth lost in the front or in the back of your mouth, is a candidate for an implant supported crown.  An implant supported crown stands independently of surrounding teeth.  This conserves tooth structure that would ordinarily be removed from the adjacent natural teeth if a traditional fixed bridge was made.  Your implant supported crown can be color matched and sculpted with all ceramic components.  This creates as beautiful and life-like appearance and feel, as the rest of your natural teeth!

Dental Implants Supporting All Upper Teeth

When Multiple Teeth are Missing

Dental implants can be used side by side to create fixed, naturally functioning and feeling, non-removable bridges. In years past, the traditional alternative could only provide a removable partial denture.  For patients who already wear partial dentures, converting to implant supported bridges recreates the unencumbered and clean feeling of being able to chew and speak without the aggravation of their denture pinching tissue, rocking, loosening and collecting food.  This is a miraculous result that without implants would be impossible.

Implants to Stabilize Lower Denture

Wearing dentures… in your pocket?
The concept of linked multiple implants supporting a fixed bridge can be extended to include implant support for teeth of the whole upper or lower jaw!  Are you are missing all of your natural teeth in either your upper, your lower jaw or both, and wearing a complete denture using sticky glue or liners to hold them in place… or worse yet, wearing your dentures in your pocket?  If so, then you need to explore with us what implant dentistry can do for you.  There is no reason, in this day and age, for you to suffer the embarrassment of no teeth or resign yourself to ill health, a consequence of not being able to chew your food properly.

Technology Is Key to Successful Implant Results

Planning for Success
Careful review of your personal goals and examination of your clinical circumstance starts the evaluation for dental implants.  We make use of simple digital panoramic x-ray images and advanced 3D “cone beam” studies, along with models of your mouth to match your given conditions with a treatment plan to achieve the results you want.  Your complete understanding of the details of treatment and implant maintenance is important before proceeding with care.

Coordinating Treatment
Dr. Nasveschuk has over 20 years of experience with both the surgical placement, and restoration of dental implants.  Our office is pleased to coordinate these individual phases of implant care with other practitioners, when your goals are best served.  However, “Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont” is our practice’s namesake.  Dr. Nasveschuk’s unique expertise, skill and judgment reflect his comfort level providing both phases of treatment for coordinated and convenient delivery of Implant Dentistry!

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