Our Focus Is On YouWe Focus on Your Concerns
Examination is the first step in the process of working with a dentist.  And, while that indeed is true, we take extra special care getting to know you. We want to understand not only your immediate concerns, but your past experiences and your priorities, as well as any special expectations you may have of our office and staff. We feel this is the best way to help you chart a course of action that makes sense to you and is on target with your goals and budget.

Examination Details
A complete and thorough clinical evaluation uncovers the details of potentially disruptive conditions and causes leading to painful episodes you might be unaware of. We make time to scrutinize the “details” and be sure you understand your current level of health. Review of your medical history, a head and neck screen for oral cancer, charting your teeth for decay, cracks and fractures, looking at your gums for level of support, your smile for acceptable appearance, evaluation of your TMJs, jaw muscles for comfort and your bite for chewing efficiency are all important to your long term appearance, function and well being.

Of course, we will customize the exam process for urgencies, injuries, or problems. Yet, the best value for each health care dollar you spend, is being comprehensive to detect problems while they are small and solutions are simple.


Digital X-Ray Images
X-ray images are still important for us to be able see hidden areas of disease. Our Schick and Sirona digital imaging systems provide quick and easy diagnostic information at a small fraction of the radiation required by traditional film.  We use 3D Galileos Cone Beam Scanning as a keystone tool for three dimensional visualization of oral, head and neck structures.  The finest details are more completely identified with 3D, ultimately providing for an exceptional level of treatment planning and delivery of care.

Photographs, Models, and Videos
We make use of digital photos of your mouth, physical and virtual models when needed.   Photos and videos help you to understand the reasons behind our recommendations, the differences between treatment options and help you to clearly see the possible outcomes of treatment.


Road to HealthConsultation and Planning
Upon completion of your evaluation, Dr. Nasveschuk may need time to review your facts before prescribing a thoughtful plan of action that serves you best. A consultation and follow up appointment can then be scheduled for discussion of treatments proposed, address your concerns, questions about the details and arrange for your next step towards a higher level of oral health!



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