CEREC to Restore Teeth

Teeth Restored with CEREC Restorations

Healthy, Natural and Durable
CEREC is the best lifelong solution for restoring teeth newly damaged by decay or fracture. And, what about that old, worn out, and deteriorating “dentistry of the past”? CEREC restorative care can refurbish and upgrade those conditions too!

Exceptional Biocompatible Materials
Recreating health, beauty and longevity of your teeth requires special materials that are biologically compatible, look natural and mimic the properties of natural tooth structure. CEREC technology makes use of unique, high-grade, “dental ceramics”. Free of defects, layers and voids, these special ceramics behave nearly identical to natural tooth enamel.

Veneers, Inlays, Onlays, Partial and Complete Crowns
CEREC offers the flexibility for a variety of restoration strategies including veneers, inlays, onlays, partial crowns and complete crowns. The ceramic can be custom colored, tinted and glazed or polished. When bonded into place, CEREC ceramics blend optically with the surrounding tooth to create a completely natural appearance with no unsightly “metal margins”! CEREC restorations increase tooth integrity, strength, wear resistance and the opportunity for lifelong durability.

Dr. Nasveschuk- CEREC Omnicam

Respecting the Value of Your Time
CEREC uses advanced computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM) processes, where traditional two visit procedures can now be completed in one visit. There is no need for a second anesthesia or interim temporaries that may loosen and not hold up between visits. Inconvenience can be further reduced by treating multiple teeth or a complete segment of teeth on the same day. Your time is valuable and CEREC delivers quality efficiently.

Digital Proposals for CEREC Crowns

The CEREC Process- A Thumbnail Sketch
After examining and determining a course of treatment, we prepare your tooth by removing decay and damaged parts. CEREC Omnicam’s 3D camera to creates an “optical” impression. The scan reveals every precise detail of your tooth once captured into the CEREC computer. The CEREC software, then, allows us to virtually design a precision replacement that fits your tooth’s specific needs.

With the press of a button, the design of your tooth restoration is sent by network to a high speed milling machine. In less than 15 minutes, your all-ceramic, color-matched restoration is almost ready for cementation. The new restoration is custom fitted, tinted and glazed or polished before being “bonded” for permanence. Your tooth is restored back to its natural form, function and beauty…all in one visit!

Customized Dental Artistry

Our Experience
CEREC is a sophisticated technology whose development spans 30 years. Only with evolution of CEREC’s 3D version released in 2003, did Dr. Nasveschuk feel CEREC surpassed traditional restorative treatments enough to offer the service for his patients. Notwithstanding, Dr. Nasveschuk is one of the first practitioners to bring CEREC to Vermont and is among the first 3000 users in the United States. His knowledge and artistry have helped his patients enjoy the finest restorative care dentistry can offer today!

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