Bicon Dental Implant System: Innovation Simplicity for Patients (Video)

Bicon dental implant crown

Bicon Dental Implant Supported Crowns Replacing Two Back Teeth

Dental Implant- Support Created, When Natural Teeth are Gone

Whether one tooth or several teeth are missing, support by a dental implant or multiple implants have become a preferred treatment strategy.  Patients say dental implant supported crowns, fixed bridges and even dentures feel and function more like their own than with more traditional replacement alternative without the benefit of solid support!

Successful implant dentistry is achieved only with proper focus on details, careful application and proper attention to protocols while managing unique patient conditions!

Bicon Dental Implant System, Unique  

Successful long lasting treatment with Bicon is well documented.  Bicon’s innovative design is particularly suited to patients with minimal amounts of support bone!  The implants are short yet extremely strong when integrated.  Safety, simplicity and recent adaptions to accommodate precision of “guided” implant placement are new developments that have opened our eyes and captured our attention!

Knowledge and Technique Secured in Boston

This short video highlights the excellent educational experience received at Bicon Headquarters, Boston, MA April 2013.  CEREC Doctors Mentor Group, of which Dr. Nasveschuk is a member, were guests!

For more information: Implant Dentistry

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