Fractured Teeth? NEW CEREC Omnicam Improved Treatment for Patients

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Fractured Teeth- Molars with Silver Fillings

Fractured Teeth are a Common Occurrence

In health teeth sustain form and function through many chewing cycles.  As time passes, the consequence  of age and use is fractured teeth!  Any tooth may begin to show signs of strain on its structure and become symptomatic.  Dentists observe “crazing”, stress notches, wear and break down of dental materials at their margins.  Patients feel pain when biting or chewing food. They get temperature sensitivity with hot or cold and tooth aches!  Eventually a tooth may chip, split, and fracture as pieces separate and break off.  These are common dental occurrences.

Why Do Teeth Fracture?

Increase the amount of force on your teeth by abusing them, biting your fingernails, chewing ice, popcorn kernels.  Bear down on a bit of grit between your back teeth.  Ouch!   You may wind up with a piece of  your “pearly whites”, a dental crown or a hunk of silver amalgam filling in your food.  Did you know clenching your teeth, grinding due to life’s stress or night time bruxing due to sleep apnea can increase potential for tooth fracture by 10 to 100 fold?  What if your teeth are not in good alignment to start?  Crowded teeth?  Bite not aligned?  Forces generated may cause that one bothersome “point” to just disappear leaving a gaping hole.  It doesn’t bump like it used to, but your tongue feels there is something missing and it’s really sharp!  All natural teeth, including those containing existing fillings, eventually show signs of deterioration.  Stuff just wears out and teeth require timely refurbishing to be able to keep them for the duration of one’s life.

Best time to prevent catastrophic tooth fracture? 

It all starts with a complete clinical examination, x-rays and photographs where obvious chips, splits and fractures are identified.  Focus is on visible evidence that teeth have been heavily strained.  Unfortunately, early signs of advancing tooth fracture may exhibit very few symptoms.  Clinical photographs help patients bridge their gap in understanding, enough for them to conclude, “It’s time to act,” before circumstances worsen and treatments become more complex and costly.

What treatment options are best?

It makes sense to treat early and protect teeth from fractures that deepen, leading to tooth aches, “root canals” or conditions necessitating tooth loss and tooth replacement therapy.  Why invite the complex at greater cost, when simplicity and prevention are available?  CEREC CAD/CAM technology provides the best option to efficiently treat fractured teeth and those at risk.  Today’s Omnicam process offers a smoothly delivered, simple and long lasting solutions to recapture tooth integrity and stability.  No physical impressions, models or temporaries are required.  Your ceramic restorations are milled, custom colored, glazed and completed same day!

Consider achieving oral health by preventing aggravation and the unwarranted expense of neglect. Choose Omnicam ceramic restorations.  Today’s technology provides great value!


View this Video illustrating how CEREC Omnicam helped with several cases of tooth fracture!Aqua Video

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