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Fractured Teeth? NEW CEREC Omnicam Improved Treatment for Patients

Fractured Teeth are a Common Occurrence In health teeth sustain form and function through many chewing cycles.  As time passes, the consequence  of age and use is fractured teeth!  Any tooth may begin to show signs of strain on its structure and become symptomatic.  Dentists observe “crazing”, stress notches, wear and break down of dental materials at their margins. […]

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Dental amalgam: Anti-mercury movement pushes for shifts in dentistry

  by Peter Frost And Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz Silver tooth fillings have been placed in the mouths of Americans since before the Civil War, an inexpensive, durable and reliable material that helped form the foundation of modern dentistry. For nearly as long, they’ve been a source of controversy. Because elemental mercury – a toxic substance – […]

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Panel urges FDA to take another look at mercury dental fillings

By Val Willingham, CNN  December 15, 2010 7:44 p.m. EST Some experts say mercury from fillings damages cells, especially in the brain, bones and kidneys. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Advisory panel recommends re-evaluation of mercury in dental fillings The FDA ruled in 2009 that the mercury is not harmful Updated data should be examined, the panel says Washington […]

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