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Can straightening your teeth improve your health?

  Can straightening your teeth improve your health? We all know that going through a teeth straightening treatment like Invisalign or traditional braces improves your appearance. However, did you know that having straighter teeth can also improve your overall health? Malocclusion When your teeth are improperly aligned in your mouth it creates what dentists and […]

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The Sugar-free Myth

By Luke Malone  October 20, 2011 Products marketed as sugar-free are not always what they’re cracked up to be, according to a recent study that says they have the ability to cause dental erosion and gastric upset while having a minimal impact on weight-loss. Publishing their findings in the British Dental Journal, a team of […]

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Fluoridation is still a hard sell in Mass.

Resistance strong despite benefits SPRINGFIELD — Massachusetts, the birthplace of public health, has long led the nation in disease-fighting crusades, vaccinating children at high rates and crafting antismoking campaigns exported around the world. But it ranks 36th when it comes to providing residents with fluoridated water. Fluoridation in Mass. Nearly 150 cities and towns that […]

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