Build a Physical Activity Base on a Strong “Foundation”

Build a healthy base on a strong "Foundation".

Build a healthy base on a strong “Foundation”.

I recently came across a very interesting book that I believe may have a major positive health impact for you!  In our practice we interact with many people who have limited their physical activity due to a variety of orthopedic issues, especially back pain.  As humans, we were meant to have a physical component to our lives.  Our natural musculature is there to be used for movement!  Movement is part of our “health equation” and as activity levels drop, ill health and dis-ease increase!

In “Foundation”, authors Eric Goodman and Peter Park provide the reader with a rationale for developing “structural” integrity and balance, essential for optimal pain free physical movement and activity.  Strengthening “core” takes on a much deeper meaning as defined, way beyond just abs!  The implications of  the simple well illustrated recommendations, exercises and Yoga-like poses are huge for many who suffer with neck, back, hip and knee pain.

Personally, I have been applying Goodman and Park’s progressions over the past couple of months since the end of last ski season.  Observations: Feeling stronger over a greater range. More confident and sure of the movements I make. Continue to be pain and injury free while carrying out a variety of routine physical tasks and summer sport activities.  Feeling great! And, that certainly beats the alternative!

Minimally active, weekend warrior or consummate professional athlete looking for optimal physical health and performance?  Get your physicians clearance, embrace the uncommon, common sense of this book and build (or rebuild) your physical activity base on a strong “Foundation”!  You will be happier, healthier and more fully able to engage life’s physical challenges!

Note: Owning the concept that regular physical activity is a major component of health, wellness and acting on that belief is a major challenge for many.  Be gentle with yourself and encourage others!  

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