Teeth Bleaching Trays

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Beautiful Smile With Bleaching Treatment

Teeth Bleaching Trays

Teeth bleaching trays are one of the most popular ways to get your teeth whitened. So let’s know how to use these trays and what are it’s effects.

Shining teeth is one of the most important attributes if you want to have an attractive personality. All of us dream of having that perfect set of white teeth which we see Hollywood celebrities and models flaunting on a daily basis. A killer smile is all you need to leave a strong impression and for that killer smile, you need to have shiny white teeth. It’s said that brushing teeth twice a day is an easy way to get shiny teeth. This statement is true but it doesn’t help most of us because we frequently binge on unhealthy junk food which spoils the entire tooth enamel. This is where teeth bleaching trays come in. Teeth whitening or bleaching is a popular way of getting white and shiny teeth in less time.

How to Use Teeth Bleaching Trays

Now that teeth bleaching is becoming a rage more and more people just want to go for it. Everyone wants their teeth to be white and shine like diamonds. However, before you opt for the teeth bleaching procedure, it’s important to follow some steps.

• Before you think of teeth bleaching, schedule an appointment with your dentist for a regular check-up. Your dentist will perform a teeth exam to see if your teeth are healthy enough to handle the bleaching process without any side effects.

• It’s very important to decide on the level of brightness before you go in for teeth bleaching trays. You don’t want people to notice only your teeth and nothing else. Select a suitable shade of brightness for your teeth and don’t forget any crowns or bridges as teeth bleaching won’t cover them up.

• Your dentist will take your teeth impression and make trays to fit them. Teeth bleaching trays are made of a soft and clear plastic material which fits appropriately on every tooth.

• Your dentist will show you exactly how to use these trays and will also explain to you the process of bleaching teeth with hydrogen peroxide.

• Remember to follow the dentist’s instructions while using bleaching trays and make sure you remove the trays in time as prescribed by your dentist.

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Upper and Lower Bleaching Trays In Place

Custom Fit Teeth Bleaching Trays

Many people nowadays are saving time by opting for custom fit teeth bleaching trays instead of going to the dentist’s office and spending loads of hours. Custom fit teeth whitening trays take less time and they are fit with whitening agents (Hydrogen Peroxide) inside them which help in teeth whitening. The reason that this product is getting more and more popular is because of it’s reasonable price and once you’ve worn them, you can relax and continue with your daily routine activities. The main USP of these teeth bleaching trays is that it offers you the luxury of whitening teeth at home. You just have to visit the dentist’s office so that he can take a quick mold of your teeth and make it ready for you in 20 to 30 minutes. It’s always recommended that you avoid eating and drinking of foods and juices during this treatment and consult the dentist which foods should you eat. So in short custom fit teeth bleaching trays can also be called as home teeth whitening trays.

Though, other than a dentist there are many companies which also manufacture trays for bleaching teeth at home. In the market you will find two types of teeth bleaching trays. The first one is a disposable tray which is just for one use and has whitening gel inserted in it. However, it’s without a good grip and is very uneasy to wear as it doesn’t fit in the entire set of teeth properly. They also might move around quite a bit in your mouth. The second type is a non disposable tray which is made of a rubber like material which has a great grip and is also much bigger and wider in size which means a perfect match for your teeth set.

Teeth bleaching trays are a great way to make sure that you get shiny white teeth without going through much trouble. You alone can be the judge of the best bleaching trays for your teeth. However, for good dental health it’s always recommended that you consult your dentist before opting for teeth bleaching trays.

By Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi

From 12/13/2010

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