Problems on Diastema Can be Resolved Through Cosmetic Dentistry

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Tooth Gaps Can Be Closed

Although a lot of celebrities such as David Letterman, Lauren Hutton, and Condoleeza Rice had been popular for flaunting their killer smile despite of their tooth gaps, more and more individuals are currently losing their confidence because of this.

This was the report received by the members of the cosmetic dentistry community in the US. These individuals are most of the time suffering from lack of confidence due to their dental identities. As the number of individuals who are suffering this psychological problem increases, experts have provided them with a solution.

According to Dr. Jonathan Zamzok, a current member of New York cosmetic and implant dentists at the Specialized Dentistry of New York the problem with tooth gap or diastema can actually be treated by using the most advanced technology in cosmetic dentistry.

The technology that Zamzok is referring to includes the most common treatments for diastema such as veneers, composite bonding, and several combination’s of dental procedures. All of these, tackles the problem of tooth gap by consider considering the position of the opposing and adjacent tooth of the patient.

Using these aspects as well as the condition of the teeth, dentists would then select the best treatment that should be conducted.  Cosmetic bonding is used to fill smaller gaps and porcelain veneers are used to close larger gaps.

In cases where the gaps between teeth are too large for porcelain veneers, what cosmetic dentist usually do is move the teeth and distribute the gaps between them proportionately. After doing this, the smaller gaps are then closed by veneers or cosmetic bonding.

Given these effective procedures, patients who are suffering from low self-esteem due to diastema can now flaunt their sweetest smiles.

from 2-11-2011

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