Experts stress importance of dental care during pregnancy

During Pregnancy Practicing Good Personal Oral Hygiene Prevents Gum Disease

A new article published in General Dentistry highlights the essential need for good oral health for those who are expecting a child.

The report indicates that women undergo significant changes in their mouth during the course of their pregnancy. They may suffer from gingivitis, severe swollen gums or pregnancy tumors.

Although gingivitis is the same for those who are and are not pregnant, many more women who are expecting will experience varying degrees of this problem – between 30 and 100 percent.

Crystal L. McIntosh, the article’s lead author, said that while “bleeding and inflammation of the gums has been noted in all trimesters of pregnancy, it typically disappears three to six months after delivery” with the proper dental care. She added that good oral hygiene and regular exams can help to reduce the swelling.

Meanwhile, the article suggests that 10 percent of pregnant women suffer from tumors inside their mouths which can cause bleeding.

From 11-23-2010

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