Office Renovation 2009 For Your Oral Health

Our mission to spread the good news of optimal oral health prompted a major office renovation in 2009. Two years in planning, two weeks of construction and several months of “cleaning up the dust”. In a nutshell, three major goals were achieved by our actions:

  • Improve Your Comfort When You Are With Us
  • Maximize Your Time When You Are With Us
  • To Deal Positively With Issues of Safety

Comfortable and Inviting

New and existing patients love the non clinical appearance of our dental practice. Our Renovation in 2009 upgraded and enhanced “being in a private residence rather than a dental office”. Besides flooring, rugs, wall and window treatments, we’ve added new oil paintings, photographs and personal items of our team members and their families. These additional touches, welcome you and help you to know us better. We really enjoy seeing you. And, we hope you feel “at home” and at ease with us.

Simplicity and Efficiency Saves Your Time

Renovation 2009 maximized our use of digital “records” throughout the office for greater privacy. Communications inside the office and out of the office, to medical and dental colleagues, and insurance companies have never been easier or more immediate than today. Clinical areas have been appointed with new furniture and cabinetry, tested and unanimously chosen to meet the standards of our entire dental team. State of the art, less cluttered technology, positioned for convenient access, helps us manage your treatment visits effectively and efficiently.

New Sterilization Center Clean and Safe

In addition to the pleasing color schemes and creature comforts that visually and physically tend to your needs; our new Sterilization Center for processing of instruments insures the cleanliness and safety you have come to expect. Our scrutiny of “behind the scenes” support details for your visits, compliment our desire to achieve our best clinical and esthetic results for you!

Thanks for Making Renovation 2009 a Success!

  • Patterson Dental- Kevin McGonigle- Design and Planning, Everett Lewis, Wayne Lancaster, Rick Diaz- Equipment Installation and Computers
  • Ron Buonocore- A-Dec Equipment Installation and Training
  • Lenny Burke- Construction
  • Pat Cioffi- Plumbing
  • Steve Benson- Electrical
  • Russ Collins- Finishing and Wall Treatment
  • Chip Gottlieb- Carpet King
  • George Grimm- Home Depot

A special note of appreciation to Cindi Nasveschuk, Christie Bentz and Rachel Bartlett, our office team, for their total commitment to Renovation 2009 and excellent care and service they continue to provide our patients!

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